Juking, hiding and neutral camp map for Dota 2

Warning: large image (5120×5120)

Critwhale posted this map in the Dota 2 group on g+ (whoever knew g+ would turn out to be useful!). I haven’t tested it so I can’t vouch for its accuracy, but if nothing else it’s a really great high-res game map.

For the uninitiated:

  • “to juke” refers to the act of evading an enemy who is pursuing you by taking an unexpected route. Or in practice, “dodging around a tree”. I imagine the jungles of Dota 2 to be filled with incredibly dense foliage, because hiding behind a single tree can sometimes completely shield you from vision.
  • A spawn box is the regions in which a creep camp can be blocked from spawning. The neutral camps respawn on the minute every minute (with the exception of their initial spawn, which is at 30s on the game clock), if the spawn box is empty. That includes heroes, creeps, and wards. You can use this offensively to impede the enemy team (if a camp doesn’t spawn, it can’t be farmed!), but accidentally blocking a friendly camp is also a danger. I usually give creep camps a wide berth around the minute mark, but knowing exactly where the box is is clearly the superior option.

I have some more guides in the pipeline (notably “how to shop” and “how to ward”), but I cannot promise graphics as beautiful as this.


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